Space tree by awakeningdivine-d6ux896

The colossal tree stretches into the astral plane.

The sky-home of the elves and gnomes.

City Name
Erwyr, the Astral Sanctuary
Caelwyn, head astrologer
Atop the colossal tree
60% elf, 36% gnome, 4% other non-monster humanoid

When the Rising was at its worst, the intelligent races hid away. The elves were no exception. By tapping into the power of Deadrealm’s new magic, they were able to create a massive tree that stretched past the clouds and into the cosmos. The elves’ sanctuary is nestled deep in the tight grasp of the titan’s branches, safe from demons or anything else for that matter.
Erwyr is so far removed from the ground, that it is on the outskirts of the astral plane. As such, gravity can change as one wills it, a endless expanse of black surrounds the city and creatures that call the astral plane home are a common sight.
Soon after Erwyr was built, the gnomes of Deadrealm requested sanctuary and were quickly granted it. These gnomes and their technology became the elves connection to the land below. Flying machines were built to trade with the races on the surface and astralnauts donned protective suits tethered back to land, so they might explore the astral plane above. The elves had magic to project themselves through the astral expanse, but the gnome’s suits brought astral travel to the masses. Together with this technology and the elves knowledge of the planes, a project to discover a new home plane was born.
The leader of the city is Caelwyn, the head astrologer and genius interpreter of the astral mysteries. The gnomes have a small council that officially communicates with the elves, but it is clear to anyone who lives in the city that gnomes were never considered fully intergrated into Erwyr (whether they actually are or not) and are treat as second-class citizens as a result.

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