A wanderer and protector of good. Likes slaying demons.

When encountered, Forcalon is friendly and welcoming to neutral/good humanoids. He is suspicious of tieflings and drow. Forcalon will join the party is they are heading toward danger, but will refuse to rest and will leave if forced. Forcalon will protect neutral/good humanoids and will fight outwardly evil monsters without hesitation. He will not parley with his enemies and rarely retreats from battle. If attacked by the party, he will reason with them, but will fight back if necessary. Forcalon has nothing to trade, but will accept gifts of food. He is not interested in material goods and cannot be bribed. If Forcalon is asked about his current destination, then he says he is either wandering or following a rumor about a demon or other evil-aligned creature. He will not lie without cause.
Forcalon knows general lore about Deadrealm and can answer simple questions. His geography is very poor, but he knows a lot about monsters.
Neutral Good
The Old Light

Forcalon is…

  1. found dead or incapacitated.
  2. fighting several lesser demons (i.e imps) and losing.
  3. hungry and will ask the PCs for food.
  4. lost. Roll 1D6, if 1-3 he has no destination.
  5. carrying an injured/unconscious/dead humanoid to a safe location.
  6. praying.

Forcalon used to be a member of the Arm of the Ever-King, but his family was slowly killed off by the City’s law, so decided to leave them and the City of Light. Now, Forcalon wanders the land and protects any glimmer of hope and civilization he encounters. He is often sighted fighting demons and other monstrosities with limitless stamina. Forcalon believes that his immortality should be used to spread good and justice and dedicates his life his quest. He has no end goal and just wants to help those who need it.
Forcalon never stays in one place for long, but will aid any travellers he comes across. He is a shining light in the darkness and a true conduit for good.
Forcalon’s selfless personality lends itself to danger and he never hesitates to act. Preservation is not Forcalon’s strong suit. It is not unusual to encounter Forcalon as either dead or otherwise incapacitated.
He has a caring personality, but his bonds are fleeting. Forcalon’s quest is something he must do alone, though he does not curse his fate. Forcalon has decided that he is at the end of his life and what he has done cannot be undone. The only direction he moves is forward.

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