A Gorget of Cranial Escape in the process of saving its owner.

Immortality can be a fickle thing: one moment you're waking up from dying for the 10th time, the next you're being disintergrated by a beholder's ray. Between the Rising and present day, many immortals have discovered this and have created items to prevent a true, destructive death. However, such magic items rely on Deadrealm's intrinsic magic and so are useless on any other plane.

These fate thwarting items often activate on death and can take the form of potions, rings and such. All examples below are activated when the soul begins to disconnect from the body. Immortal souls never travel far from their head, but the soul loosens it grip just enough to be detectable.

  • Invisibility. Used in the form of preventative potions or charged rings and armor. Elaborate versions of these items also include a smoke cloud or other distraction to enhance the effect. These precautionary items are the most commonly avaliable, so many fellow immortals wont be fooled. Also since your body stills lay where it fell, your enemies will likely just guess where you are and continue killing/kidnapping you anyway...
  • Teleportation. Charged to rings and similar items. Simple versions teleport the body randomly, but fancy items can teleport to specific places, such as one's home or another sanctuary.
  • Alarm. These wearable items will sound an alarm or summon minions to take the body to safety.
  • Gorget of Cranial Escape. These morbid devices are worn around the neck and when activated, slice off the head, sprout spider-like legs and quickly skitter away. These gorgets have rudimentary intelligence and will attempt to hide or run away from any living creature. While effective, they are considered an absolutely last resort because retrieving the head and reattaching it to the body is a long and troublesome process.
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