All inhabitants of the Deadrealm have an opinion on the deadless affliction. Some see it as a curse, others see it as a blessing, while others continue living without caring. Some points of view are described on this page:


The deadless is a curse. It could be a malevolent god or a long dormant energy in the earth. The curse is carried as a weight that must be solved by the pure or endured by the guilty. It is a scourge of hideous beasts and endless pestilence. Disease and suffering is all that may be reaped from this curse.


  • The Arm of the Ever-King
  • The Order of Immolation
  • The weak who suffer under plagues and monsters


The deadless is a blessing from the gods. It is the final form of evolution for the realm’s creatures. It is a chance for the weak to rise against the strong or a chance for rulers to cement their power, depending on who you ask. Believers flock from the planes to partake the immortal blessing.


  • Warriors looking for Valhalla
  • Demons and other powerful monsters
  • Pioneers and pilgrims looking for a better place to live or a chance to rule


For whatever reason, there are some who see the Deadrealm as home, no matter what happens. These people accept the deadless affliction as another part of life. As much a curse as needing to breath.


  • Everyone who is just trying to get along with life or just don’t care
  • Those who are trapped on the plane for one reason or another
  • Those who were brought up on the plane and don’t know any better


There are rumors of the Deadrealm far across the planes. Many people one may encounter in the Deadrealm do not live there, but instead are travellers who are just visiting. Some want to understand the deadless curse, but many visit just for the sake of curiosity. While few settle there, on account of the hostility of the inhabitants, there is a lot for a brave visitor to gain whether it be finding ancient treasures, slaying powerful beasts or uncovering lost histories buried by endless strife. The Deadrealm is rich with pickings for those who are strong enough to endure it.


  • Travellers
  • Researchers, chroniclers, sages and wizards
  • Adventurers
  • Planes Guides


Faith is a powerful and comforting tool when faced with a inconceivable problem. As such, belief systems have sprung up in an attempt to make sense of the deadless. Some believe it is an act of a old god as something to fear and placate, something to celebrate or something in between. These religions directly interact with the deadless curse, while the rest of the plane only reacts to it.


  • The Congregation of Cantil
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