This page lists various terminology used in Deadrealm for your convenience.


The common name of the material plane in it’s current post-apocalyptic form. Travel to Deadrealm is normal (portals, magic, etc), but not recommended. Adventurers visit Deadrealm to plunder ancient kingdoms, slay terrible monsters and document Deadrealm’s buried history.
AKA Deathrealm.


Essentially sword and sorcery Earth. The most varied plane of existence, except perhaps Limbo the plane of absolute chaos. It often interacts by the inner planes, most notable the elemental planes and ethereal plane. After the Rising, it was transformed into Deadrealm.


The apocalyptic event that changed the material realm. New terrible magic ravaged the land, all creature were afflicted with immortality and new abominations were born. The campaign setting takes place 600-900 years (it’s not entirely clear and history has been poorly documented) after the initial event.


The affliction of immortality. Refers to both someone who is immortal and the curse itself. Every creature that exists in Deadrealm is immortal, even visitors from outside planes. If one leaves Deadrealm, then the curse is broken until they return.

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