The cult of rebirth. Believe the deadless is actually an act of recreation, not perpetuation.

Serpentus, High Cleric of Cantil
The City of Light and rarely found outside it
Lawful Neutral
Various humanoids

The Congregation of Cantil have a unique outlook on the deadless curiosity. They believe that no one truly dies, but rather they are reborn. Each life is shed like the skin of their snake-like god: Cantil.
The Congregation is a way of life that embraces the plane’s immortality, but rejects the dread of an endless existence. Life is not endless to them, each death is considered a new life. Each member gains a new name and is welcomed again into the fold a new person.
The Congregation is a seen by most as odd, but harmless. They do not push their beliefs on to others and generally live their lives out in peace.

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