An ancient depiction of the Last Dragon

The only mortal left in Deadrealm. Worshipped by the "true" immortals.

The Last Dragon, the Dragon, Ascended One, the Last Mortal
A colossal green dragon.
A green dragon curled up into a ball, a green moon.
Trickery, Torment, Dragon, Pleasure
Home Plane
The Spire, reptiles

The religion surrounding the Last Dragon is the oldest of the material plane and its history is long and winding.
This dragon is said to be the only mortal left in Deadrealm, but has lived millennia and has watched and tormented humans since history began. Eventually, the humans grew to worship the dragon out of fear and placated it with gifts and sacrifice. A prophecy soon formed that stated the dragon was humanity’s guide to paradise. Once the dragon ascended to the stars, that would signal the start of humanity’s path to paradise. However, when exactly the dragon will grant humans paradise is contested amongst believers.
When the Rising occurred, the dragon finally rose to the stars and became a planet. Since then, His faithful have desperately been grasping for signs of paradise. I was eventually decided by a group of worshippers known as the Spire that immortality was the beginning of humanity’s ascension. The Spire believe that only the truly faithful can be immortal and ascend. The unworthy are met with destruction.
Worshippers of the Last Dragon are known as ruthless killers and sly back-stabbers. Their only goal in life is to rid Deadrealm of non-believers and meet their god in the skies.
The Last Dragon is technically not a god, but rather a creature of immense power. God-like is more accurate. He is the size of two mountains combined and has the form of a green dragon. He represents trickery, sadism and joy. The dragon’s symbol is the image of a dragon curled into a ball or a green moon.

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