A member of the order

The Order believe that death should be the end and destroy any body they come across.

Everywhere throughout Deathrealm
Various humanoids

The Order of Immolation are a fanatical organization that believe the deadless is a curse that must be removed, one body at a time. Whenever a member encounters a dead body, whether man or beast, they endeavour to destroy the body. As the name of the order suggests, their favourite tool is burning the body to ashes. This is either enacted on site or the body is taken somewhere appropriate.
The Order is impartial to all of the dead. Whether a common man or a demon king, every dead body is one to be destroyed.
This neutrality has caused strong reactions to the Order. Some see them as a force of nature, reenacting the true order of life. Others fear them as threats to their immortality. Some are glad they help stem the tide of monsters, but don’t appreciate their all or nothing attitude toward death. Which is another way to say that they don’t want to die.
Generally speaking, the Order does not congregate in churches. Instead, each member is a lone agent that acts as they see fit. As long as you are destroying bodies, you can call yourself a member of the Order. Some members work in groups and some meet at sites, but there are no hard and fast rules. The only violation for the Order is immortality, either partaking or enabling it.

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