The Last Dragon in his ascended form as a planet.

The Spire believe only they deserve the blessing of immortality and fulfil their prophecy of ascension.

The Last Dragon
Lawful Evil
Various humanoids

The Spire are a group of humanoids who worship the last mortal of the plane: the Last Dragon. The Last Dragon speaks through the most powerful of the Spire’s members, but does not appear in Deadrealm. The reason for this is that the Last Dragon ascended to the stars and became a planet. It is still sentient and enjoys meddling with Deadrealm matters. Occasionally, scales of the planet break off and plummet down to Deadrealm as a meteorite. These meteorites are highly sought after by Deadrealm’s denizens and are crafted into charms by the Spire.
The Spire believe that their ascension has come into the form of the deadless curse. They also believe that only those who worship the Last Dragon may join their ascension. All other deadless are seen as abominations to be destroyed. The Spire are infamous for infrilrating humanoid safe havens and eliminating them. They are also known for consorting with demons and other evil creatures, only to betray them like their human kin.
While the Spire is clearly an enemy of the City of Light, demons and devils are not welcome among their ranks. The Last Dragon has been worshipped by humanoid kind far into the plane’s history and that religious kinship holds strong. The devils are invaders of the realm and cannot ascend like the natives can and as such are disposable.
The Spire’s history is long and twisting. It started as mortals worshipping a great and terrifying dragon. In these times, the Spire was seen as a religion of nature. The only hint of it’s later insidious nature would be the prophecy of the ascent. It was said that when the Dragon ascended to the stars, He would soon bring the true believers to a bountiful paradise. The Spire believe that the prophecy is in motion and the Rising is the next step. Now the Spire have become part genocidal lynch mob and part doomsday cult.

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